"Tonight was magical." - Artist Ten Hundred

One of my favorite projects in Seattle was doing an evening of food, art and music as a part of Foodie Empire. The aim of the event was to bring the community together around the table to share a gourmet, family-style meal by Chef Brandt Bishop, watch live painting by Seattle's massively creative artist Ten Hundred and listen to music by Santa Maria (a former Sounders' player) for a hip + chill vibe. 

I was basking in the glow the rest of the weekend... The warmth and openness of all the people I talked with, all the amazing food, the beautiful table and space.
— Preeti Mehta, Guest

Thank you to everyone who helped make the Pop:Luck a reality including Chef Brandt Bishop, Artist Ten Hundred, DJ Santa Maria, Meme Montemayor, James Riemer at the Kitchen by Delicatus and Jim and Michele McCarthy. Read more about my Pop:Luck here.