MasterChef Amanda Saab + "Bake a Naked Cake" Friends

It was an incredible honour partnering with Seattle MasterChef Amanda Saab for her “Bake a Naked Cake” class at Restaurant Zoe. This was such a great class because of everyone involved. A special thank you to the Amazon employees in attendance! We also had people drive up from Renton and Tacoma, and a newlywed couple who were just adorable. This is another event where the talented Meme Montemayor helped me, as well as good friends Andrea Gillis, Josh Grob and Jim and Michele McCarthy. Thank you everyone!

Amanda is a true star and one of the loveliest people I've ever met. She is driven, has a huge heart, and wants to bring beautiful things to the world, as evidenced by her “Dinner With Your Muslim Neighbour” meals which aim to bring people together around the table for open dialogue and sharing. Amanda and I met in Seattle through social media and I followed up with a blog post on her post-MasterChef life. We kept chatting and then met in person over coffee to talk about our dreams! We have so much in common and I loved her passion so I knew immediately I wanted to work with her somehow. A few discussions later, we came up with the "Bake a Naked Cake" class and started working to make it happen. 

Read more about the fun class with Amanda here and I hope you continue to follow her journey with me!